Australia Spotlight: Q&A with Aurex Group’s Sally Tremlett

December 2020

As Aurex Group celebrates its tenth anniversary year, we speak with the firm’s leadership teams across the world to gain insight into their expertise, markets and forecasts for what lies ahead beyond 2020.

Sally Tremlett, Managing Director of Aurex Group in Australia, shares the firm’s journey expanding in a new market, her experience working in a majority female team, and where off-shore and domestic talent in the Property & Construction sector can leverage opportunities in Australia under the current market conditions.

Q&A with Aurex Group Australia
Sally Tremlett, Managing Director

1. Aurex Group Australia is about to celebrate two years on-the-ground in Sydney. How has the reception been for a new service offering in the market?

Within a relatively short amount of time, we have established deep relationships with our new domestic clients. There was definitely room for a new firm to grow in Australia, and even more so as we see the market changing throughout this year.

Having received feedback from a number of our partners, we know we are now their preferred Property & Construction search partner which we see as a real achievement. I would say a lot of this has to do with our team’s and Aurex Group’s ability to deliver high calibre candidates for our clients. Our team in Sydney has worked around the world, from Hong Kong to Singapore, to London and New York. We understand the selection and calibre of professional talent available and have the professional relationships to utilise those networks.

2. What has surprised you most about the Australian market?

As a female-led and majority female team, we have unconsciously, we believe, attracted much of the top-tier female talent across our sectors. The Australian market is making progress in its push for diversity, and we have been well-placed to guide our clients along this journey. Over the last 12 months, I would say more than 65% of the placements we have made have been women in management and leadership roles. It has been very encouraging to witness especially, within the traditionally male-dominated markets that we operate within.

3. It has been widely reported more than 400,000 expats have returned home to Australia this year. How is this changing the recruitment landscape?

We have had a tremendous influx of talent back into the Australian market in a time when you would think there would not be as much hiring activity given the current economic situation. However, we are seeing a large-scale shift in how Australia is positioned with the Asia Pacific network. Historically, many regional APAC roles have been based in Asia, but some are now turning to Australia to accommodate the movement of talent.

It is a great position for candidates within certain markets to capitalise on, Facilities Management, Finance and Asset Management, where geographic flexibility can be accommodated.

4. Where do you see opportunities growing in the future within the Property & Construction sector domestically?

The events of the last 12 months have shifted the markets in different ways. One of the big winners have been the alternate asset classes – Data Centres, Student Accommodation, Warehousing and Storage, Build to Rent, for example – a section of the market that had never really received the attention it deserves. It just so happens our team’s expertise over the last decade has been heavily focused in these areas and we are now in the position to support our clients as demand for these markets becomes more mainstream.

Not only do we understand these markets in detail, but we also have the combined domestic, regional and international networks to help businesses grow with the right talent.


5. What trends should candidates and businesses be preparing for in 2021?

As we move into 2021, we foresee some of the stimulus relief being pulled back which will undoubtedly influence the property market. No business has gone into 2020 the same way it has come out, so we know our clients are already strategising for the next 12 months. We have seen organisations take this opportunity to make changes that would have previously been deemed controversial. A number of our clients are bolstering their investment teams with certain skill sets in anticipation for 2021 trends which is exciting.

For professionals, the candidate-driven market we have experienced over the last few years is changing tides. We do not anticipate a slow-down, but we will see clients being more mindful about their needs in line with revised strategies, not simply replacing like for like. Our team is here to help candidates navigate these trends and understand how to harness their expertise for future opportunities.

About Aurex Group

Aurex Group is a global recruitment firm specialising in the Property & Construction, Infrastructure & Energy and Commodity Trading sectors.

Founded in 2010 as Capstone Recruitment in Hong Kong, our firm gained success as a market-leading service provider in Asia before rebranding as Aurex Group and expanding internationally to Singapore, the USA and Australia.

Aurex Group in Australia provides specialist search services across the Property & Construction sector. The team based in Sydney will celebrate two years since its establishment in early 2021. 

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