Global Recruitment Services: Check out Aurex Group’s Hong Kong Headquarters

Aurex Group’s Hong Kong headquarters was recently given a new lease of life with an extensive refurbishment delivered by Greater Group. The multi-disciplinary design and build specialists have featured Aurex Group’s new Hong Kong office in their ‘Office Design Trends’ commentary which showcases the latest thinking in workplace design. See a snapshot and link to the full article above.

Office Design Trends: All About Creativity and Community Building

The average employee spends nearly a quarter of their lives at work. 40 hours per week equals more than 2,000 hours per year, building up to a staggering estimated 90,000 hours spent at work in a lifetime.

Formerly, the focus in office design was on functionality and utilising space to full capacity. Now the spotlight is on creative, green-inspired co-habitation spaces driven by captivating experiences that encourage workplace community building. Happy employees deliver high quality work, enhancing overall company performance.

Hitting the design mark is not only beneficial for financial performance but also has a positive co-relation with intangibles like improvement in health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use. Greater Group recently designed and rolled out a new working space for Aurex Group, a team of recruitment professionals based in in Hong Kong. This space showcases contemporary design elements and caters to the company’s younger employee bracket.